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Things to Consider When Selecting Safety Harnesses

When working from heights there is usually the fall hazard present. Various statistics show that big injuries and even death in the workplace are caused by falling from heights. If you are working from height six feet and above, a fall protection system is recommended. Nowadays, safety harnesses are popular fall protection systems. They protect the user when a fall occurs.

With millions of workers working from heights, OSHA guidelines recommends that organizations comply by put in place the appropriate fall protection system. However, fall arrest harnesses are essential personal fall arrest equipment. In case a fall happens, the employee will be suspended upright. Before the user is rescued, a full body harness will support the user as well. The good thing about a fall arrest harness is that the force of the fall will be distributed throughout the body. This will greatly minimize chances of injuries.

Some years ago, employees used body belts which are nowadays discouraged. The shortcoming of body belts is that fall forces are concentrated at the waist. Nowadays, harnesses and lanyards have become a popular option. You will now find more advanced safety harnesses. The modern harnesses have been carefully designed to increase safety for workers working at height.

Because of major upgrades in safety harnesses, users now have the option of choosing different kinds of harnesses that fit their work environment. It can be difficult getting the perfect safety harness since there a variety in the market. However, looking at some features would help you find the one that fit your situation. Some of the features to look for include the following.

1. Padding.

Nowadays, comfort has become very important when choosing a full-body harness. The traditional harnesses were rid and uncomfortable which made it bothersome to wear. Nowadays, there are integrated padding that removes discomfort caused web straps. These cushioning ensures that the harness is comfortable and offers a layer of protection when fall occurs. Also, padding allows the harness to retain its shape which makes it easier to wear.

2. Weight.

It is good to look at the climbing required. To ensure the safety and comfort of the user engaged in prolonged climbing, the weight would be an important factor to consider.

When weight becomes more important than weight, manufacturers are now providing safety harnesses with seats and padding that are lightweight and removable. Instead of steel part, aluminum is being used. Because of this, the general weight of the harness will be reduced.

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