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5 Clever Hacks For Your Next Glamping Experience

Looking for a twist on your typical camping experience? Glamping might just be the right thing for you! If you are not familiar with this new level of camping, here are 5 tips for you to try on your first glamping experience.

Some quality outdoor experience is worthwhile. It is calming to feel the breeze touch your skin, hear the birds chirp and smell the aromatic fragrance of nature.

These are just some of the many good things about camping but sleeping in the damp ground and freeze from cold at night is not one of them.

If you feel like getting the best of nature doesn’t always have to mean sacrificing the comfort of your own place, you are not alone.

Most campers who hate the discomforts of camping tried out glamping and were surprised with how much they loved it.

Glamping is probably the best remedy for those who enjoy the camping experience without leaving out the luxury of home. If you are ready go glamping, here are guidelines for you to observe in your next trip:

1. Choose the perfect place to go glamping.

Various campsites are made especially to meet you glamping needs. What makes glamping different from camping is that glamping sites have comfortable facilities that are made for the convenience of the glampers. These include rest rooms and bedspaces, electricity and water.

2. Comfortable sheets for the night.

Glamping sites have bed spaces and it is always preferable to bring your own bed sheets to stay cozy for the night. An inflatable mattress can also be of great help if you are glamping with lots of friends.

3. Get the right glamping tent.

If there is one thing that differenciates glamping from camping, it is the tent. Glamping sites are areas where you can put up a large tent near glamping facilities so be sure that you are bringing with you the right glamping tent.

If you are looking for large glamping tents that are a lot more comfortable than the usual camping tents, try 4WD Supacentre as they are popular for making tents of the highest qualities and larger capacities. Glam camping is just camping only made homier so start with the tent and get a large one that could accommodate a large number of people and things.

4. Get foods that are fast and easy to prepare.

Fast and easy good food is also a must in glamping because it is not just the place that has to be glamorous but also the meals. Breakfast of eggs, bacon, a few vegetables and muffins can be enough when paired with coffee and hot chocolate that can also be a good nighter. Perishable meat can still be bought as glamping food but they have to be half cooked or at least be marinated to last for a few hours or days.

5. Bring stuff that could keep you warm.

A portable heater can keep you warm at night while glamping but in case it is not available, you can also get yourself a warm colored torch or lamp or just a simple candle that can last for hours.

These are just some of the few things you need to take note for your glamping experience. Comfort is the number one priority in glamping so you really have to pay that much attention with keeping yourself comfortable in your glamping site.

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