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What You Should Know About Iran Supporting Terror

The escalating plot of Iran supporting terror in Tehran’s war on America poses a big question to the entire world. The main one is whether America will finally respond. If you have a brief history about the Iranian regime, it is one of the key sponsors to various terror plots which have killed American in Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and in Lebanon, for the last 30 years. Besides, these very well orchestrated attacks have killed civilians in various places such as Berlin, Paris, Jerusalem just to mention but a few. This may be because Iranian regime has never faced dire consequences of hostility. It even has guts to carry out a hostile operation in the world’s superpower’s soil.

All these operations cannot be termed as rogue operations as they are directly supported by the IRGC and Squd Supreme leader Ali Khamenei who channeled massive resources in support of abroad operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and in other places in the world. From this, it is clear that these operations were very well planned and executed by top Iranian government officials. It is also worth noting Quds Force, the IRGC special unit, is involved in training terror groups abroad as well as supporting Iran’s proxies both militarily and financially. The training culminate in executing terror attacks abroad. To confirm that these operations are very well orchestrated by top Iranian government officials, they operations are executed from the Iranian Embassies where the terrorists disguise either as menial workers, administrative personnel or lowly diplomats.

There should not raise questions of where the ultimate responsibility lies in this plot because Quds Force is part of IRGC, meaning that they are bound by their Supreme Leader loyalty oath. This also mean the decision to carry out these operations is approved by the top authorities-by the supreme leader himself. For instance, the plot to assassinate Saudi Ambassador in DC is not a rogue element attack. This is attack was very well , approved planned, and executed by Iranian top officials, Iranian Embassies as well as other abroad missions.

All eyes are on the escalating terror attacks which are planned, funded and executed by the Iran government. For how long will this continue? The surprise to the Iranian regime is whether American government will finally respond decisively considering that the Iran has close ties with Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah. This is not a faceoff to be given to anyone or partisan policy institutes. Mark Dubowitz CEO of FDD, has what it takes to come up with credible approach to address this global concern.

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